Free Point Summer Advice:Class T-shirt Design

For all students, it almost comes to a time for thinking of your upcoming class t-shirt design. Sometimes you may have many ideas but be confused of why the drafting design layout takes so long. You may wonder if your ideas are viable for printing. You may consider about the texture of the t-shirt. Why....so many wonder?

No worries. This article is for your reference for easing your process! Enjoy!


What Texture You Should Consider?



Normally we use Gildan from USA or UA from Japan for producing class t-shirt. Their texture are cotton in which suit for class t-shirt. There are two versions of Gildan (Thiner or Thicker). But both of them are thinner than UA. We recommend you to choose Gildan if your event takes place between September and December. 

DryFit T-shirt

We highly recommend to use dry-fit t-shirt if your purpose is for outdoor use. Polyester fabric is more breathable and flexible. It is more suitable to sports day or outdoor use. 

Sublimination T-shirt

Sublimination t-shirt fabric is similar to dry-fit t-shirt. The only difference between them is you can have higher autonomy and freedom for your design on sublimination t-shirt. If your design is kind of complicated, we recommend sublimination t-shirt then!


How to design?


Normally logos are printed by silk screen technics. If your design has no gradient colour and within 8 colours, silk screen is the most suitable technics for printing. If your logo is complicated and with many colours, we suggest to apply heat transfer or digital printing for printing on the t-shirt.

If you want to stand out and be special, you may consider to add your name or class number on the t-shirt. Names and numbers are using heat transfer technics to print out.

We also provide some other special technics, like luminous, reflective and many others.


This technic is kind of new to the industry. The advantage is to print out the t-shirt in whole. Even the design is very complicated, sublimination also solve the problem.